Facial Ultrasonic Scrubber Exfoliating

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Product Name: Ultrasonic cleaning beauty instrument
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Rated current: 0.55A
Rated power: 2.0W
Gross weight: 0.399kg
Net weight: 0.184kg
Product size: 165.7*4924mm
Packing list: ultrasonic cleaning beauty instrument, storage base, silicone brush head,
Charger, warranty card, manual, certificate.

Composite Dual Sound Technology / EMS Micro Current Stimulation / Deep Cleansing
Oil control to blackheads / / introduction of nutrition / lifting and tightening

Compound dual-tone pulsation
The pores are not added, but they are also confident.
Using 25K Hz composite vertical and horizontal dual sound waves, through ultrasonic vibration atomization, will
The pores of the pores vibrate the surface of the skin, and the skin is mild and does not damage the skin.

EMS microcurrent stimulates cell movement
Finely carved face mirror is better to see
Open the lifting firming mode, EMS micro current stimulates deep muscle movement, heavy
Create collagen tissue to make your face full and shape.
What is EMS microcurrent?
Micro current (335 microamps low frequency current), can gently reach the bottom of the muscle, deep
Subtle muscle movements stimulate skin’s firming energy.

3D arc shoveling
Fit the face without leaving a dead end
3D veneer shovel head design, deep cleaning without dead angle, convex surface export
Dirt, concave surface introduces nutrients and lifts.

Ultrasonic pulse cleansing
With silicone brush to shake the second cleansing instrument
Put the cleansing silicone inside the package into the cutter head, open the deep cleaning mode, hand
Holding the sensor strips on both sides of the fuselage, with cleansing milk, equivalent to an ultrasonic cleaning
Face meter.

3 big mode 6 big gear
A full set of care is enough for it.
Full-process skin care from cleansing to care, each mode has regular files and enhancements
Two files, adjusted according to different skin types.
Lifting compact mode
EMS stimulates cell uplift curve
Nutritional import mode
Ultrasonic introduction to absorb nutrients
Deep cleaning mode

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